A Quaint Breakfast-Serving Coffee Shop in Kon Tum City

The Rise of Arabica Coffee Farming in Mang Den, Kon Tum

Courtesy and Professionalism

T'Măng Deeng places "Courtesy and Professionalism" at the forefront because we consistently respect and care for our customers, while conducting all activities and interactions with professionalism and high responsibility. We are committed to maintaining a fair and transparent business model, ensuring that local farmers receive fair value for their products.

In an effort to bring a meaningful Children's Day celebration, T'Măng Deeng organized visits and distributed gifts to the children of families involved in coffee farming cooperatives.

Continuous Innovation and Creativity

We continually strive to enhance our knowledge, skills, and expertise. This enables T'Măng Deeng to grasp new trends, improve our products and services to meet market and customer needs. We understand that flexibility and adaptability are key to thriving in an increasingly challenging and evolving business environment. We continuously enhance the self-reliance and creativity of our team members, encouraging innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

Respect for Original Values

T'Măng Deeng always values and respects the origin of its products and services. Concurrently, we uphold the original taste of coffee and commit to delivering the most authentic coffee products to our customers. We respect and inherit the spirit of labor, perseverance, and commitment of local farmers. We believe that diligence and dedication in work are crucial factors determining the success of each coffee bean. Therefore, we not only appreciate skills and labor efforts but also respect the long-standing knowledge and experience that local farmers bring.

Community Focus

In addition to internal development, T'Măng Deeng is committed to societal development, improving the lives of ethnic minorities locally. Building strong connections with the indigenous community creates an environment of integration and sustainable development. We aspire to be a reliable partner and companion on the journey of development and prosperity with indigenous people.

Environmental Responsibility

T'Măng Deeng is dedicated to reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with waste, aiming to build a fully organic farm to contribute to sustainable green agriculture development. We ensure that our coffee cultivation processes do not adversely affect the environment and communities, while respecting and preserving biodiversity in the coffee-growing region. T'Măng Deeng is committed to conserving natural landscapes and maintaining sustainable production resources.