About Us

In 2019, T’Măng Deeng opened its first coffee shop in Kon Tum City along Tran Hung Dao Street - a bustling hub of local cultural tourism. The goal was to introduce high-quality coffee products to both local customers and international tourists.

The flagship store, named Gác Măng Rê – Kon Tum Kafé, located in the heart of Kon Tum City, was the first to serve premium coffee drinks and local specialty coffees during that period.

In 2023, T’Măng Deeng officially inaugurated Gác Măng Rê Hotel in the center of Măng Đen town. This space is designed as a showcase for the company’s coffee products.

Also in the same year, T’Măng Deeng acquired the Arabica Măng Đen coffee growing area in Măng Cành commune, Kon Plông district. Recognizing the competitive edge of Arabica Măng Đen coffee due to its distinctive flavor profile compared to other local varieties, we ensure stringent control of residual components according to food safety standards and meet world-class production quality processes. This commitment underscores T’Măng Deeng's dedication to preserving and developing the natural quality inherent in Arabica Măng Đen coffee.

T'Măng Deeng Farm

T’Măng Deeng aims to establish processing facilities directly in the source region to maintain the unique "essence" of Arabica Măng Đen coffee while minimizing conditions related to cultivation, harvesting, and processing, ensuring comprehensive quality management.

By 2024, T’Măng Deeng's commercial products from Arabica coffee have begun to expand throughout the nationwide retail network from north to south. Additionally, the coverage of Arabica Măng Đen coffee products has extended to all distribution channels: supermarkets, convenience stores, and online commerce platforms.

We believe that each coffee product will further enhance its quality through continuous striving and passion. Our connection based on trust, honesty, and love contributes to bringing out the beauty in the daily enjoyment of clean and delicious coffee, soaring higher and farther. Operating with a commitment to quality and continuous self-improvement, together, we are writing the ongoing story of a local coffee brand rich in tradition, bridging the cultural heritage of indigenous labor and advancements in agricultural science and technology, thus elevating local coffee to global prominence.