Gac Mang Re Cafe, the top cafe in Kon Tum City, is offering a special gift to its customers: the "Kontum Travel Guidelines" card. This card is designed to help visitors explore and enjoy the best of Kon Tum, including its attractions, local cuisine, and cultural highlights.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

Every customer at Gac Mang Re Cafe receives a complimentary "Kontum Travel Guidelines" card. This card includes key tourist spots, dining recommendations, cultural insights, and practical travel tips, making it easier for tourists to navigate the city and discover its hidden gems.

Supporting Local Tourism

The initiative encourages visitors to explore Kon Tum and appreciate its unique charm. By providing these travel guidelines, Gac Mang Re Cafe supports local tourism and helps visitors experience the city’s rich culture and natural beauty.

Community Connection

The travel guideline cards help connect tourists with local businesses and attractions, fostering a sense of community and mutual support. This benefits both visitors and the local economy, strengthening community bonds.

Cultural Exchange

With these cards, tourists can engage more deeply with local customs and traditions, creating meaningful cultural exchanges and enriching their travel experiences. The cards provide information about local festivals, traditions, and historical sites, helping visitors gain a deeper understanding of Kon Tum's unique cultural heritage.


Gac Mang Re Cafe's "Kontum Travel Guidelines" cards are a wonderful way to enhance your visit to Kon Tum. Enjoy your coffee and explore the city's beauty with this helpful guide, making your stay in Kon Tum both enjoyable and enriching.