Hello everyone! Last week, the meeting of KDC - Kontum Debate Club concluded with unprecedented success. Gác Măng Rê - Kon Tum Kafé was honored to host this event.

The Rise of Arabica Coffee Farming in Mang Den, Kon Tum

Gác Măng Rê Cafe: The Essence of Arabica Coffee in Kon Tum

Gac Mang Re Hotel: The Perfect Stop in Mang Den

KDC is a debate club established in 2021 by high school students in Kon Tum. The club aims to spread the love and knowledge of debating to everyone. At KDC, members will learn about debating, develop teamwork skills, logical & critical thinking, and personal development. Beyond debating, members also gain experience in content writing, partner meetings, and team building.

📖 The second meeting served as both an introduction and a debate training session for new members. 💌 The 3.0 generation’s journey will be filled with new and busy experiences for upcoming activities.


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📩 Email: kontumdebateclub@gmail.com
☎️ Hotline: 0975560007 (Hà Trương - Club President)

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Gác Măng Rê - Kon Tum Kafé

🏘 Address: 86 Trần Hưng Đạo, Kon Tum City 

🛣Directions: Gác Măng Rê 

🌐Website: Gác Măng Rê 

☎️Phone: 0931 082 082