Kon Tum Cathedral, often referred to simply as the Wooden Church, stands as the world's only remaining Basilica-style wooden structure. This architectural marvel, entirely made of wood and assembled without a single nail, is a testament to both craftsmanship and endurance.

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A Century of Resilience


For over a century—105 years to be precise—this wooden church has withstood the harsh elements of the Central Highlands. Despite being exposed to the sun and wind, it remains in its original, spacious condition. This resilience, coupled with its architectural beauty, places the Kon Tum Cathedral among the top 10 most beautiful Catholic churches in Vietnam. As a result, it is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Kon Tum.

Architectural Heritage and Design


Constructed between 1913 and early 1918, the church is predominantly made of wood and reflects the traditional design elements of the indigenous people of the Central Highlands. Its walls are uniquely crafted from a mixture of soil and straw, eschewing the use of reinforced concrete.

Spanning an area of over 700 square meters, the interior is adorned with precious woods. The large roof of the cathedral is supported by numerous round wooden pillars, adding to its grandeur. Despite the passage of time, the church's structure remains sturdy and retains its antique charm.

Interior Splendor


The cathedral can accommodate hundreds of worshippers. Its interior features numerous stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes, which not only allow natural light to flood in but also create a stunning visual spectacle. These windows contribute to the cathedral's magnificent and sacred ambiance.

A Unique Architectural Gem

Beyond its religious significance, Kon Tum Cathedral is a unique architectural gem. It holds the distinction of being the only remaining wooden Basilica-style church in the world. Historical documents reveal that in the mid-19th century, French missionaries traveled a 120km road known as the "Salt, Ceramics, and Gongs" road from Quang Ngai to Kon Tum to spread their faith, ultimately leading to the construction of this iconic church.

One particularly notable feature is the large circular stained glass painting situated above the main entrance. This masterpiece, placed with remarkable skill by the artisans of the time, faces the sanctuary, allowing sunlight to illuminate the interior, symbolizing the Sun's divine presence.

Visitor Experience

Visitors to Kon Tum Cathedral can explore and appreciate not only its historical and architectural significance but also its exquisite wooden craftsmanship. Open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation, the church welcomes visitors year-round except during evening hours. On Sundays, entry is permitted after 9 AM to avoid disrupting the ongoing Catholic ceremonies.


Kon Tum Cathedral is a masterpiece of wooden Catholic architecture in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Its unique design, historical significance, and enduring beauty make it a cherished landmark and a testament to the skill and dedication of its builders. Whether you are a history enthusiast, an architecture aficionado, or a spiritual seeker, a visit to this remarkable wooden church is an enriching experience.