In Kon Tum City, the capital of Kon Tum Province in Vietnam, there are several ethnic minority villages that offer a glimpse into the diverse cultures of the region. Here's a list of some prominent ethnic minority villages in Kon Tum City:

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Kon K'tu


Nine kilometres southeast of Kon Tum, the village of Kon K'tu is reachable across the Kon K'lor suspension bridge and along a potholed road. There's a beautiful riverside rong here, near the Catholic church, as well as a couple of simple homestays. You can watch locals transporting crops along the river in rafts made of tyres.

Home to the Bahnar people, Kon K'tu Village showcases traditional Bahnar architecture, including stilt houses and communal buildings. Visitors can experience Bahnar culture through activities such as weaving and traditional music performances.

En route you'll pass a second rong at Kon K'lor, next to the suspension bridge. You can return to Kon Tum via a second rong at the nearby village of Kon K'ri.

Kon Jori

This small village, en route from Kon Tum to Kon K'tu, has a central rong (community hall) that's worth a visit.

This village is predominantly inhabited by the Bahnar ethnic group. It is known for its traditional longhouses and communal living spaces where villagers gather for cultural events and ceremonies.

Kon K'lor

Near the suspension bridge across the river you'll find a large rong in the village of Kon K'lor.

Kon Tum Kopong

You may see villagers weaving baskets out of bamboo along the streets of Kon Tum Kopong village.

Kon Jodreh

Northeast of Kon Tum, this village has a small rong and you can observe tranquil riverside activities.

Kon Hra Chot

Kon Harachot's beautiful rong sits next to the rustic football field.

Kon Tum Konam

In the eastern suburbs of Kon Tum, this village has a large and appealing rong.