Embark on an unforgettable journey through Kon Tum, a province in Vietnam's Central Highlands, known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From majestic mountains to the traditions of ethnic minority groups, Kon Tum promises a unique travel experience. This guide will be your companion, offering insider tips to make your visit to Kon Tum truly memorable.

Discover Gác Măng Rê Cafe, Coffee Shop Near Kon Tum Wooden Church

Popular Among Foreigners for Good Food and Reasonable Prices: Gac Mang Cafe in Kon Tum

Where is Kon Tum?

Nestled in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Kon Tum is bordered by Gia Lai to the north, Dak Lak to the south, Quang Nam to the east, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. The province is 293 km from Da Nang, 564 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 1237 km from Hanoi.

The Geography of Kon Tum

Kon Tum's diverse topography features hills, mountains, plateaus, and lowlands. This blend of landscapes creates breathtaking scenery, making it a visual delight for travelers.

When to Visit Kon Tum?

The highland climate of Kon Tum is cool and pleasant year-round, with two main seasons: the rainy season (April to November) and the dry season (December to March). Each season offers its unique charm, drawing visitors to this Central Highlands gem.

December to March: Ideal for trekking, this period showcases vibrant wild sunflowers and the mesmerizing transformation of rubber forests. December is particularly special, as it marks the celebration of a bountiful harvest and the ripe rice season with colorful festivals.

Experience the magic of Kon Tum by planning your visit around these key times to enjoy the best of what this enchanting province has to offer.

How to Reach Kon Tum

Planning a trip to Kon Tum requires some thought about transportation options. Kon Tum is well-connected, ensuring you can easily access this beautiful city. Here are a few ways to get there:

By Plane

While Kon Tum lacks its own airport, the nearest option is Pleiku Airport in Gia Lai province, about 50 km away. From Pleiku, you can take a bus to Kon Tum. This route may involve multiple transfers and could be cumbersome if you're carrying a lot of luggage.

By Bus

Many travelers recommend taking a bus to Kon Tum to enjoy scenic views and avoid multiple transfers. Depending on your starting point, travel time varies. Here's a guide to bus routes from different locations:

From Hanoi

The journey covers approximately 1080 km and takes about 20 hours. Recommended bus services include:

Việt Tân Bus:  0260.3913.999

From Ho Chi Minh City

This route is around 576 km, taking about 12 hours. Bus options include:

Duc Thuong Bus: 0961 007 799 / 0976 581 581
Long Van Bus: 0602 211 823 / 0603 862 809
Minh Quoc Bus: 02603 855 855 / 0903 511 350
Phong Phu Bus: 1900 9222

From Da Nang

Covering around 350 km, this trip takes about 8 hours. Bus services include:

Minh Quoc Bus: 02603 855 855 / 0905 823 279
Phuong Thu Bus: 0949 839 839 / 0985 729 777
Viet Tan Bus: 02603 913 999
Quoc Thuong Bus: 0913 645 027 / 0977 771 093

Booking Tips

Language barriers can make direct booking challenging. For a smoother experience, consider using online booking platforms like Bookaway. This way, you can secure your travel arrangements conveniently from your phone.

Traveling by Motorbike

Many young adventurers choose to travel to Kon Tum by motorbike, drawn by the freedom and flexibility it offers compared to cars or planes. If you're considering this thrilling option, you can take a scenic route from Da Nang through Quang Nam to Kon Tum along the Ho Chi Minh route.

This journey covers around 300 kilometers, taking you through stunning landscapes of mountains and hills with few residential areas along the way. To make the most of the breathtaking scenery, consider stopping at Thanh My (Nam Giang) for breakfast. This will be one of your last opportunities to find food before continuing on the largely isolated road.

Motorcycling offers unmatched convenience and freedom, making it a popular choice among young travelers. However, it's essential to ensure your motorcycle is in top condition before setting off. The predominantly forested route spans 300 kilometers, featuring mostly mountains, forests, and occasional residential spots. Thoroughly check your motorcycle to confirm it's roadworthy and ready for the journey.

This adventurous route promises an unforgettable experience, blending the thrill of the open road with the serene beauty of Vietnam's Central Highlands.

Getting Around Kon Tum

If you've arrived in Kon Tum by motorcycle, you're all set for exploring the area. However, if you chose to travel by bus or plane, you'll need a convenient way to get around. From the city center, you have three main options for transportation to explore the attractions in Kon Tum.

Private Car Rental

For groups or larger parties, renting a car is a practical choice. While Kon Tum's car rental services are still developing, you can hire taxis or private cars. If you flew into Pleiku Airport, gather information about rental services there. Here's a reference price list for car rentals in the Pleiku-Kon Tum area:

Intercity Car from Pleiku to Kon Tum
4-seater car: 350,000 VND
7-seater car: 400,000 VND
In Kon Tum City, car rental prices are as follows
4-seater car: 350,000 VND for 4 hours, 750,000 VND for 8 hours, 850,000 VND per day
7-seater car: 450,000 VND for 4 hours, 850,000 VND for 8 hours, 1,050,000 VND per day

Car rental services in Kon Tum now offer a variety of options, from 4-seaters to 7-seaters and even 16-seaters. These cars can take you around the city and to various tourist attractions. Remember, prices can vary based on factors like rental duration, the number of people, and your specific itinerary.


For solo travelers or those on a budget, buses are an economical option. Kon Tum offers bus services from the city center to various districts such as Dak To, Tu Mo Rong, Kon Plong, Dak Ha, Kon Ray, Sa Thay, and Ngoc Hoi. There are also routes to Ho Chi Minh City and Pleiku Airport in Gia Lai.

The main bus terminal is Thai Hoa Bus Station on Nguyen Hue Street, directly opposite Tan Huong Church.


Renting a scooter or motorbike for your trip to Kon Tum can offer an exciting way to explore the province, particularly for young adventurers keen on discovering its stunning passes and national parks. These areas often require navigating slopes and occasionally unpaved roads. While this adds to the thrill, it's crucial to prioritize safety and keep a few key points in mind:

Choose the Right Type of Vehicle
When planning to traverse mountainous passes, a manual bike is recommended over a scooter. The increased control and stability of a manual bike make it easier and safer to handle the curves and inclines. However, if you're sticking to city attractions, any well-maintained scooter or motorbike should be sufficient.

Inspect the Vehicle Thoroughly
Before finalizing your rental, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the scooter or motorbike. Pay close attention to the engine and brakes, checking for any signs of damage or potential issues that could compromise safety or performance.

Test Drive the Vehicle
Take the motorbike for a short test drive before starting your journey. This will help you ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and the brakes function properly. If you encounter any issues during the test drive, inform the rental company immediately and request a replacement vehicle.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a safe and exhilarating motorbike adventure through the beautiful landscapes of Kon Tum.


For families or groups with children and elders, taking a taxi can be a convenient and comfortable option for visiting tourist attractions. Taxis offer ample seating and ensure everyone can travel together with ease. With door-to-door service, taxis eliminate the need for long walks or navigating public transportation, making it simpler to enjoy the sights without any hassle.

Here are some taxi services you can use in Kon Tum:

Mai Linh Taxi: (0260) 38 38 38 38
Taxi Sun Kon Tum: 0260.
Taxi Hung Nhan: 0260.
Taxi Tien Sa: 0260.
Taxi Phu Quy: 059.3.872.777
Taxi Huy Hoang: 02603.911.911
Using a taxi ensures a hassle-free travel experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time in Kon Tum.

First Time in Kon Tum? Here’s What You Should Do

Kon Tum Wooden Church

Address: 13 Nguyen Hue, Thong Nhat Ward, Kon Tum

Located in the heart of Kon Tum, the Wooden Church is an enchanting blend of solemn Roman architecture and the rustic charm of Ba Na stilt houses. This architectural gem radiates a sense of sanctity and purity, enveloping visitors in a mysterious and dreamlike ambiance. Its unique appeal, harmonizing with Kon Tum's serene beauty, makes it a must-see for any visitor.

Gac Mang Re - Best Cafe In Kon Tum

Address: 86 Tran Hung Dao, Thang Loi Ward, Kon Tum City

Nestled amidst the serene space of Kon Tum city, an unmissable spot is the Gac Mang Re Café. With a very welcoming appearance, it's not only an ideal place to enjoy good coffee every day but also a magnet for many foreign visitors.

The Gac Mang Re Café provides customers with a friendly feeling from the first glance. With a simple yet impressive decor, from the cool green bamboo structure outside to the natural wooden tables and chairs, it creates an intimate and comfortable space. The special feature of the café is the combination of Kon Tum's natural beauty and modern style, creating a unique fusion.

Kon Tum Bishop’s Palace

Address: 146 Tran Hung Dao Street, Thong Nhat Ward, Kon Tum City

Not far from the Wooden Church, the Bishop’s Palace is a remarkable place to delve into Kon Tum's architecture and culture. As the largest Catholic institution in the Central Highlands, it boasts a distinctive blend of architectural styles and cultural significance.

The road leading to the palace is lined with porcelain trees, offering picturesque pink blossoms. Inside, the Bishop’s Palace serves as a mini-museum, displaying agricultural tools, living implements, and sculptures depicting local life, providing deep insight into the area's culture and heritage.

Kon K’lor Communal House

Address: Bac Kan Street, Thang Loi Ward, Kon Tum City

Set along the scenic Dak Bla River, the Kon K’lor Communal House is a testament to the craftsmanship of the village artisans. Made from wood, bamboo, and leaves, it stands as a symbol of the Central Highlands' cultural heritage. Its impressive size and beautiful setting make it a favorite among visitors for capturing memorable photos.

KonKlor Suspension Bridge

Adjacent to the Kon K’lor Communal House, on Bac Kan Street, the KonKlor Suspension Bridge is a highlight of Kon Tum. Spanning 292 meters across the Dak Bla River, this largest cable-stayed bridge in Kon Tum offers stunning views of mountains, forests, and the river below.

A trip from the KonKlor Bridge to the nearby Bah Nar ethnic village, Kon Klor, offers a glimpse into the local culture. Engage in traditional activities like drinking stem liquor, watching ethnic dance performances, and viewing beautiful handicrafts made by local artisans.

The Border Milestone

Address: Near the Bo Y border gate in Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province

Marking the junction of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, the Border Milestone is a powerful symbol of unity among these countries. Situated at an altitude of 1086 meters, reaching this landmark is not overly challenging but deeply rewarding, offering a profound sense of pride and connection to Vietnam's beauty.

Plan Your Visit: If you're short on time or planning a day trip, these sites offer a perfect introduction to Kon Tum. For a more in-depth exploration, check out our comprehensive travel guide to uncover more fascinating cultural and historical aspects beyond these iconic locations.

What to Eat in Kon Tum

Kon Tum, blessed with abundant natural resources from its mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes, promises a culinary adventure for visitors.


Sticky Rice with Bamboo Shoots

A must-try delicacy, sticky rice with bamboo shoots combines sticky rice infused with turmeric and savory fried bamboo shoots. This rustic dish is a staple breakfast for Kon Tum locals.

Leaf Salad

Leaf salad is a unique dish featuring a mix of 40 different types of leaves, paired with thinly sliced pork. Its unique flavors, especially when combined with a special dipping sauce, make it a favorite among visitors. Discovering this dish in Kon Tum adds to its charm.

Ginseng Stewed Chicken

Leveraging its precious ginseng resources, Kon Tum offers the nutritious and delicious ginseng stewed chicken. This dish not only pleases the palate but also provides health benefits, such as invigorating and detoxifying the liver. If you’re seeking a nutritious and flavorful meal, ginseng stewed chicken is a must-try.

More Culinary Delights: These dishes are just the beginning. Kon Tum’s diverse culinary scene has much more to offer. For a comprehensive guide, consult our local food list and uncover even more delicious options in the region.

Hotels in Kon Tum

Finding a place to stay in Kon Tum is straightforward, thanks to a variety of hotels concentrated in the city. The main streets to look for accommodations include Phan Dinh Phung, Truong Chinh, and Duy Tan. For those planning a resort-style trip or visiting major attractions, choosing a hotel near or in the city center is most convenient. This proximity ensures easy access to taxis and motorcycle rentals, facilitating your travel to various destinations. Booking your accommodation in advance is recommended for a hassle-free experience.

Gac Mang Re - Mang Den Hotel

One of the best hotel in Mang Den, Kon Tum

Address: 32 Pham Van Dong, Mang Den Town, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

Konklor Hotel

Address: 38 Bac Kan, Thang Loi Ward, Kon Tum City

Konklor Hotel is a well-regarded 1-star hotel in Kon Tum. Despite its modest rating, it offers excellent room quality and services, making a strong impression on many tourists. The hotel operates as a homestay, featuring a spacious, beautiful campus with separate rooms, ensuring maximum guest comfort.

The hotel's architecture blends modern and traditional elements, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Central Highlands. The interiors harmoniously incorporate materials from the natural surroundings, such as paintings, bamboo, rattan, and brocade, creating a refreshing yet rustic ambiance. Luxurious amenities include a water heater, refrigerator, television, internet access, and lockers.

Window Hotel

Address: 189 Doan Thi Diem, Quyet Thang Ward, Kon Tum

The Window Hotel is a 2-star establishment located near the center of Kon Tum, providing easy access to nearby attractions. The rooms are well-furnished with amenities like flat-screen TVs, carpets, blankets, and comforters, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Conveniently close to the market and Nguyen Hue street, where the bus station is located, it’s ideal for guests planning to travel to Pleiku or neighboring districts by bus. The rooms are well-designed and brightly lit, offering a pleasant ambiance that rivals higher-rated hotels. Guests praise the hotel for its excellent value for money, with competitive prices that remain stable even during peak seasons. Motorbike rentals are available at a reasonable rate of 150k VND per day, with hourly or half-day rates available upon inquiry.

Hnam Chang Ngeh Hotel

Address: 16A Nguyen Trai, Thong Nhat Ward, Kon Tum City

Hnam Chang Ngeh Hotel is a comfortable and affordable 3-star option in Kon Tum. Its classic architectural style attracts international guests and young travelers seeking a unique accommodation experience. While it may not match the luxury of other 3-star hotels, it offers a clean and courteous environment with a distinctive European charm.

One of the standout features of Hnam Chang Ngeh Hotel is its reasonable pricing. Despite being a 3-star hotel, the rates are affordable, even with a significant number of foreign guests. The hotel includes breakfast for guests, and while the staff may be small, they are friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic in their service.

For a deeper exploration of accommodations and a comprehensive guide to Kon Tum, consult our detailed travel resources.

Homestays in Kon Tum

Kon Tum offers homestays that capture the region's mountainous charm, providing an ideal setting to immerse yourself in the local beauty and culture.

Vietnam Phuot Homestay

Address: 485/3 Pham Van Dong, Le Loi Ward, Kon Tum

Vietnam Phuot Homestay features traditional Vietnamese-style tiled-roof houses surrounded by lush green gardens. Every corner is meticulously maintained, captivating guests with its vibrant flower garden that adds a colorful touch to the serene ambiance. It's a delightful place for a memorable stay.

Chino Homestay Mang Den

Address: Mang Den, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum

Chino Homestay, nestled in a tranquil pine garden, offers a unique space perfect for young travelers. Beyond just accommodation, Chino includes a café, restaurant, and pub, and offers mountain climbing opportunities. It’s a place to enjoy comfort while being surrounded by the natural beauty of Mang Den.

TOKI Boutique – Mang Den

Address: Tran Quang Khai, Dak Long, Kon Plong, Kon Tum

TOKI Boutique – Mang Den provides a charming and comfortable stay. The cozy rooms, complete with soft mattresses and a delightful bookshelf, create a warm, inviting nest where you can relax and unwind.

How Long to Stay in Kon Tum

For a short but fulfilling visit, plan to stay in Kon Tum for 1 to 2 days. This allows you to explore key attractions and savor the local cuisine, giving you a taste of the region's unique charm and cultural richness.

However, if you have more time, a 4 to 5-day stay is highly recommended. This extended visit provides ample time to explore additional local attractions beyond the main highlights. You can embark on adventurous hikes through mesmerizing national parks, visit remote ethnic villages, and experience traditional cultural performances, making your time in Kon Tum even more enriching and memorable.

ATM and Money Exchange in Kon Tum

Kon Tum has a reasonable number of ATMs available throughout the city, making it convenient to withdraw cash. However, it’s wise to carry some cash for smaller vendors or when visiting remote areas where ATMs might be scarce.

Currency exchange services are less common in Kon Tum. If you need to exchange currency, it's best to visit local banks or reputable jewelry stores. Major banks such as Vietcombank and Sacombank are reliable options. Inquiring in advance will help you find a trustworthy establishment for your exchange needs.

For the best rates and convenience, consider exchanging your currency in larger cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Da Nang before heading to Kon Tum. These cities offer more exchange services and competitive rates.

Local Emergency Contacts for Tourists in Kon Tum

Electronic Portal of Kon Tum Province: 02603.955456
Emergency Rescue: 112
Police: 113
Fire Department: 114
Ambulance and Medical Support: 115
Also, make sure to save your hotel or homestay's phone number in case of emergency.
Additional Tips for a Wonderful Trip to Kon Tum
Clothing: Wear comfortable and flexible clothing, such as elastic and absorbent fabrics. Choose suitable footwear like sports shoes or flats.
Weather Essentials: Pack a hat for sun protection, a jacket for cooler evenings, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
Personal Items: Bring toiletries, necessary medications, mosquito repellent, and a reliable data SIM card, like Viettel, for better coverage in mountainous areas.
Snacks and Meals: Pack premium snacks if you plan to explore remote areas and enjoy meals in scenic spots.
Camping Gear: For camping, bring your tent, camping essentials, and warm clothing for cooler nights.

Clean Up: Remember to clean up after meals in picturesque spots before continuing your adventure.

With these tips and the suggestions above, you'll be well-prepared for your first trip to Kon Tum. Enjoy your journey and make unforgettable memories!