A Quaint Breakfast-Serving Coffee Shop in Kon Tum City

The Rise of Arabica Coffee Farming in Mang Den, Kon Tum

T'Măng Deeng Coffee Brand

T'Măng Deeng is a coffee brand born out of love and passion for coffee beans, coupled with a desire to explore new territories amidst concerns over the shrinking area suitable for cultivating Arabica coffee worldwide. With its fertile, rich soil and an average altitude of 1200m, along with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 22°C, Măng Đen has become an ideal region for growing Arabica coffee in the highlands.

cà phê arabica măng đen

Connecting with Local Culture

cà phê arabica măng đen

T'Măng Deeng is not just a coffee brand but also a connection to traditional culture and local heritage. By using the name T'Măng Deeng, where "T’Măng" means residence and "Deeng" signifies vastness and flatness, we pay homage to the geographical features and history of the region. This area is home to various ethnic groups such as Mơ Nâm, Xê Đăng, Ka Dong, Hrê, each with its unique cultural identity. We aim to showcase respect and close connection with the community through our commitment to quality and origin.

Products of T'Măng Deeng

cà phê arabica măng đen

T'Măng Deeng's Arabica coffee originates from the Măng Đen - Kon Tum region, renowned as the green paradise of the Central Highlands. The area boasts rich biodiversity and fertile soil, creating ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Our Arabica coffee gardens in Măng Đen are situated on rolling hills, meticulously cared for using organic methods without the use of pesticides. The combination of cool climate, fertile soil, and natural cultivation techniques enhances the vigorous growth of coffee plants, resulting in fully ripened Arabica coffee beans with distinctive, delicious flavors.

By prioritizing quality and maintaining our commitment to environmental sustainability and community integration, T'Măng Deeng offers coffee enthusiasts the finest experiences with high-quality coffee beans straight from the heart of the Măng Đen region.