If you're looking for an ideal spot to relax and enjoy coffee near the Kon Tum Wooden Church, Gác Măng Rê Cafe is the perfect choice. Located in a prime location, the cafe offers a cozy atmosphere and a perfect place to admire the beautiful scenery of the historic church. (Locationat at the end of the article)

Address: 86 Tran Hung Dao st, Kon Tum City

Convenient Location

Gác Măng Rê Cafe is situated near the Kon Tum Wooden Church, one of the most famous tourist attractions that is rich in cultural history. The cafe's location makes it easy for you to find and enjoy a peaceful space after tiring hours of sightseeing.

Unique Space

Gác Măng Rê not only attracts visitors with its convenient location but also with its rustic and intimate design. Wooden tables and chairs, small charming corners with natural light filtering in, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Diverse Menu

The cafe serves a variety of drinks from traditional coffee to modern beverages. Especially, the coffee here is made from pure, delicious coffee beans that will satisfy even the most discerning customers. Additionally, the cafe offers fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and many attractive light snacks.

Thoughtful Service

The staff at Gác Măng Rê are always enthusiastic, friendly, and professional, ready to serve and meet all the needs of customers. This is definitely a big plus that will make you want to come back again.

Special Experience

One of the special things about Gác Măng Rê is that you can enjoy your coffee and walk to the Kon Tum Wooden Church. The beautiful and peaceful scenery will help you relieve all the stress and fatigue in life.


Gác Măng Rê is not just a cafe near the Kon Tum Wooden Church, but also a place that offers wonderful experiences in terms of space, drinks, and service. Visit and feel the difference this cafe brings.

If you are looking for a cafe near the Kon Tum Wooden Church to relax and enjoy delicious coffee, don't miss Gác Măng Rê. You are sure to have wonderful moments here!