Nestled in the heart of Kon Tum City, Gác Măng Rê Cafe offers an exceptional coffee experience that captures the true essence of Arabica beans. This unique cafe stands out not only for its charming ambiance but also for its dedication to serving high-quality Arabica coffee grown and harvested in the lush region of Măng Đen. (Location at the end of article)

The Perfect Brew from Măng Đen

At Gác Măng Rê Cafe, we take pride in every cup of coffee we serve. Our Arabica beans are meticulously cultivated in the fertile highlands of Măng Đen, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for producing premium coffee. The region's cool temperatures and rich volcanic soil contribute to the distinctive flavor profile of our beans, which are handpicked at peak ripeness to ensure the best quality.

The journey of our beans from the farm to your cup is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. After harvesting, the beans are carefully processed and roasted to perfection, highlighting their natural flavors and aromas. The result is a smooth, well-balanced coffee with subtle hints of fruit and a delightful acidity.

A Unique Coffee Experience


When you visit Gác Măng Rê Cafe, you are not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you are indulging in a rich tradition of coffee cultivation and brewing. Our skilled baristas are passionate about coffee and are dedicated to bringing out the best flavors in every cup. They undergo rigorous training to master the art of coffee making, from precise brewing techniques to the perfect pour.

Our menu offers a variety of coffee options to suit your taste. Whether you prefer a robust espresso, a creamy latte, or a refreshing cold brew, each drink is crafted with care and precision. We also offer specialty drinks that highlight the unique characteristics of our Arabica beans, as well as a selection of delicious pastries and snacks to complement your coffee.

Our Commitment to Sustainability


We believe that great coffee starts with responsible farming practices. That's why we work closely with local farmers in Măng Đen to ensure that our coffee is grown sustainably and ethically. By promoting eco-friendly farming methods and fair trade practices, we support the well-being of our farmers and the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our cafe operations as well. We use biodegradable packaging, source local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and strive to minimize our carbon footprint. By supporting Gác Măng Rê Cafe, you are also supporting the local community and the environment.

Visit Us Today


Experience the best of Kon Tum's coffee culture at Gác Măng Rê Cafe. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cozy place to relax, our cafe is the perfect destination. Our welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and exceptional coffee will make your visit memorable.

Address: 86 Tran Hung Dao, Kon Tum City
Opening Hours: 6 AM - 10 PM
Contact Information: Facebook Page


We look forward to welcoming you to Gác Măng Rê Cafe, where every cup tells a story of passion, tradition, and excellence. Come and discover the rich, aromatic flavors of Arabica coffee from Măng Đen, and enjoy a coffee experience like no other.